The 4 best choices to sell your home in today's market

In the real estate world most people believe nothing ever changes. We have seen some fantastic changes in the past few years. We have gone from a book with all the listings that we carried around to all our listings in a central databank. We used to have to stop our car and make a phone call, now my car is my office, and I make and receive phone calls every time I am in my car. I used to sit across from a buying customer to get paperwork signed so I could sit in front of the seller to get paperwork signed. Now a great deal of the paperwork is signed electronically. Yes, we have seen dramatic changes, including new methods to sell a home.

The good news is you have choices about selling your home. I am sure there are more than five ways to sell your home in today's world, and if there isn't, there will be more tomorrow. Let's take a look at the top five and their advantages.

1. List your home with a selling agent who will market your home, set appointments with potential buyers and be sure they are qualified, hold open houses, take pictures, guide you through all the paperwork, disclosures, and finally get your home sold. The best part is they do all the work and typically get you more money for your home.

2. You can use an immediate Quickbuy or Ibuyer program that offers convenience and certainty. You can close on your timeline in as few as 14 days. We all know that Zillow has currently stopped its Ibuyer program, but there are others out there. My company offers a very nice program with options. The best part is you usually don't have to do the repairs, and if you want to move quickly, you have a very short escrow allowing you to move and buy elsewhere as you please. You will have less money in your pocket but no headaches.

3. You might like the Quickbuy lock program. This program combines the Quickbuy program with a traditional sale. The program allows you to list your home for up to 150 days with the certainty of an offer in hand if you don't get an acceptable offer from the listing. You can decide to accept the Quikbuy offer at any time during the listing. This lets you be assured that you can move forward with your plans no matter what the market is doing.

4. If you can't move out until you find a place to buy and don't want to be homeless in the short run, then the Quickbuy leaseback program allows you to receive your home sales proceeds and move when you are ready. There are both short-term and long-term options. A lot of people like this flexibility.

Everyone has different needs, and your REALTOR® is there to understand your needs and help you meet them. There are many reasons to sell your home, and whatever your situation is, we have solutions. From convenient and fast to maximizing your equity, meeting your goals is our top priority.

Joan Wilson is an active REALTOR ® with Long Realty in Sierra Vista and Cochise County.