Considering Your Remodeling ROI

Local Living

Are you considering a home improvement project soon? Whether you’re motivated to create your dream home or looking to increase its resale value, it’s wise to be informed about what renovation projects will give you the best return on investment.

According to’s 2020 cost vs. value report, the top three projects that recoup the highest percentage of job costs is manufactured stone veneer countertops (96%), a garage door replacement (94%), or a minor kitchen remodel (78%). In contrast, an upscale major kitchen remodel (54%), or upscale bathroom remodel (57%) might not have the highest ROI concerning future home resale values. While these projects may represent national trends and averages, it’s better to speak with a professional in the local area.

Contact me for information about how different renovation projects may affect your home’s value or marketability in your local neighborhood. Ultimately, it’s about creating a home that brings you joy now and in the future. 

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